What is Video Marketing | Benefits of Video Marketing

Videos are the future of content! There’s no lie that very few people read text-based content. And if you’re also one of those who don’t like to read text-based content on the internet, then this one’s for you. Today, we’ll learn what is video marketing and some amazing benefits of video marketing.

Now, let’s understand what is video marketing and its fundamentals.

What is Video Marketing

When videos are used to make promotional content resulting in either more sales, awareness or traffic to your site. Videos are one of the most influential ways to compel people to take a certain action.

Now, if you’re not making a video to market your products and services, then you’re actually falling behind. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words. But a one minute video can speak a million words. So, you decide how many words you want people to speak.

Let’s try to understand the importance of video marketing.

Importance of Video Marketing

Videos drive a lot of attention

Ever since Televisions were launched, video marketing has gained a lot of attention. If the psychology of the human mind is well understood while making a video, then videos can prove to give you amazing results.

types of videos

Videos must be taken as an investment. Just remember that people don’t usually watch your creatives. They watch what’s unique you’ve done while making your creatives.

But when it comes to making videos, people totally rely on giving at least some attention, in the beginning, to see if there’s something new.

So, if you make an amazing video, then you can expect up to 80% increase in your conversion rates. This is the importance of video marketing, number one!

Videos can decrease your Email Marketing efforts

See, there are very few people who’d like to read your content. Just a handful of people are left in the internet world who consume text-based content.

Most of the world has already shifted to video-based content.

In a survey, it was found that almost 80% of the people will be consuming video-based content. This means that if your primary focus on content creation is based on text-based content, then it’s high time you shifted to video content. 

Many people are worried that most of their email marketing campaigns aren’t successful. Major reason being you’re sending text-based content.

You can do a small experiment this time.

Experiment: If you’ve been doing email marketing campaigns, then do a small experiment.

  1. Make a video on YouTube or on any video sharing website
  2. Link out to that video in your email.

Note: You can use email marketing tools such as Aweber, MailChimp etc to track your conversions. 

  1. At the beginning of the mail, write something like, “Last week I made this video on ____ and so many people asked me ____.” Make some interaction with the people and link out to your video in the beginning only.
  2. Check the outcomes of this email marketing campaign.
  3. Compare it with your previous results.
  4. Do the needful as per the feedback of your audience

So, this is how you can also check if your audience is interested in your text content, video content or not at all interested in any content.

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Google is promoting videos

Yes! It’s true that Google is finally promoting something for free. It doesn’t happen that often that Google promotes content for you.

Videos are something that Google is extensively pushing out. The reason? It’s competitors!

Recently, Facebook also started paying creators and pages for the video content that they’re producing. Earlier, people used to feel ‘unrewarded’ whenever they were posting anything on their social media handles.

Now the time has come when you search a query online, Google might show you with a video instead of an article. Why? Because Google knows what its audience needs.

Videos get more social shares

In a survey, it was found that more than 90% of the smartphone users shared the videos that they saw online.

So, if you know how to make Instagram videos from your phone, then it could also bring you more shares than a normal picture. 

For example Last year, an uncle went viral on the internet named, “Dancing Uncle.” The video went so viral that the uncle who was dancing was invited by Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan.

how to make instagram videos

So, this is why you must also start investing in a good camera or just learn how to make videos from photos, at least start with making a video.

Now that you’ve known the power of video marketing, it’s important for you to know the different types of videos that you can make.

Different Types of Videos

There are a lot of types of videos that you can make. But, before you start making out content, ask yourself:

  1. Why you want to make content
  2. What purpose are you going to solve with your content
  3. How you’re going to display your content

Now that you’ve made these three things clear to yourself, you’re almost done to know the different types of videos you should be making.

Whiteboard videos

Right now, whiteboard videos are proving to be an amazing way to make videos. They make a good storyline and make people connect with your content easily.

One of the major reasons why such types of videos perform better is that they have very fewer distractions. Generally, a white or black background is present which doesn’t let the individual divert its mind.

Webinar videos

Many companies are making webinar videos to interact with their audience. Webinars help in direct communication with your audience. If you have an audience that is opening your emails every day, then you can expect somewhere around 25% joinings for your webinar from your email campaigns.

how to make a video marketing strategy

Millions of people are learning from online webinars. And recently, they have started gaining more popularity as the 4G internet was made available to more people.

Screen cast videos

Screen cast videos are generally used to make tutorial videos. Such types of videos are very popular among students and those who are learning new skills.

Suppose you want to learn how to use a new tool online. So, maybe a coaching center won’t be launching a course for only one tool.

Here come the benefits of video in the online sphere. You can make an online course where you’re doing screencast videos.

They better help people understand how a certain activity is done. This is how you can also leverage screencast videos to earn money and help people.

Micro Videos

Micro videos are some of the most working video marketing strategy. Micro videos are like tits and bits of videos that help people get the exact information without wasting time.

Micro Videos are an amazing way to boost your website’s Call To Actions as you have made every step clear with small videos.

Micro Videos help in some of the following ways:

  1. People with low internet balance can also view those videos
  2. Micro Videos are to the point and precise
  3. They can significantly help in increasing your conversions

These three points are the main for any website owner or eCommerce owner online. If the audience knows how to do a certain action, it becomes easy for you to get conversions.

Video Marketing Strategy

So, how to make a video that makes people do a certain action?

In order to do that, let’s make a video marketing strategy that hits your goals. So before you go and start make a video, have a clear plan of action that you stick to. Here’s the plan of action that you need to follow while making videos.

  1. Define your video marketing goals
  2. Make video series that incorporate a series of information
  3. Decide the types of videos you’ll make for these series
  4. Set a budget for placing Advertisements
  5. Understand the kind of video making required
  6. Develop a video marketing strategy
  7. Select video sharing website for your videos
  8. Measure performance with trackers like Google Analytics

Now that you’ve finalized all these points, you can start making your videos. But what are the different kinds of videos on the internet that perform well?

How to do video marketing

Sometimes, you’d have to understand how your competitors are making videos online. Why? So that you understand what’s making them good amounts of profit and what’s not. And whatever that is giving them good profit must be done. But, that’s not everything that you should do. You must also make videos that your audience wants.

So here are some different styles of videos that most probably your competitors are not making. This is going to tell you how to do video marketing.

Make a tutorial of your website

If you have a website, say an eCommerce store. Suppose you’re seeing that people are coming on your product page but aren’t making a purchase. Then what would you do?

You can take this as a hint that either your prices are too high or maybe people aren’t able to understand your CTAs clearly.

This is why you need to help people making a decision.

In case you don’t know how to make a video, then learn how to make a video from photos.

Here you can use the various video-sharing website to upload your video on your website. For example Video Hubs, Video Landing Pages and Embeds, etc.

Go after more engagement on your videos

Make videos which have a clear or well-defined Call to Action in the end. 

For Example: Suppose you’re making a promotional video of a travelling bag. Then how would you make the video?

Here, we’ll consider showing the product’s features and how it can make a difference in their lives. Now, we’ll end the video by giving a Call to Action that says something like, “BUY NOW! Offer Ends this 15th July.” Or you can even ask them to Comment their details or message their details or something like that.

Once you understand why you’re keeping a Call to Action button, you’ll understand how to generate more engagement.

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Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are proof that you’re doing something genuine. Many people believe in testimonial content. In case you are thinking that it doesn’t work, think again. Because chances are that you’re also believing in testimonial based videos.

For Example:

  1. India’s Most Trusted Smartphone
  2. 9/10 Doctors Believe in _____
  3. Asia’s Most Sold ____ Brand

Such are the ways in which testimonials are being fed to you. You won’t notice whether your sales are increasing with testimonials or not, but adding testimonials definitely add up a little in your sales.

video sharing website video marketing strategy

You can also run Facebook Ads of your customer’s testimonials. This could also help you increase your sales or conversions.
So, this is the video marketing strategy you can use judiciously to make an impact online.

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