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What is Email Marketing

Did you know that Amazon gets more than 6.5 crores of traffic through Email Marketing? If you have never heard of mail marketing before or you don’t know how to do email marketing, then this blog is for you. So, before we get started on how to do Email Marketing, let’s get started on what is an email first.

What is an Email

An email is a mode of communication which is done on the internet. Earlier, it started as a mode of just sending texts and later on included multimedia sending options. So how to do email marketing?

what is email

What is Email Marketing

Now, Email Marketing is a form of marketing where you send product offers or services related ma;ils to people expecting them to buy from you. Majorly, the idea behind an email marketing campaign is just to get sales or some sort of conversion.

what is email marketing

So, is email marketing helpful? Is it really needed to do email marketing? Let’s understand the need of email marketing.

Why you Need Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your revenue. If you visit any leading online startup, you’ll find that they are always on the lookout for getting your emails. Have you ever thought why they wanted your email address or even phone number? There are some reasons.

What are the Advantages of Email Marketing:

Send customized emails to people

Everybody loves being valued! When you send mails to people making them feel like you’re sending that particular mail just to them, then it creates a good impact.

customized emails

Get more conversions

In research, it was found that around 58% of people check their emails as the first thing in the morning. Imagine sending a tempting offer on right time. You may expect to get high conversions if you’ve been sending customized emails to your email list.

Low-cost activity

Sending an email to your email list takes less amount than running an Ad online. Even if one person buys your $299 product out of 10,000 people that you send an email to, you would still be making loads of profit.

So, these were some of the reasons why you should learn how to do email marketing.

One of the major reasons why mail marketing is a must to learn is because you can segregate your customer database based on other information they have provided. This is how you can send different customized mails to different people.

Now, let’s learn Email Marketing basics.

Basics of Email Marketing

One of the best feelings for an email marketer is to get organic mails opt-ins in their database. And the worst nightmare for an email marketer is getting unsubscribed from their newsletters etc.

Before you make your first email marketing campaign live, make sure you are following this free checklist.

  1. You’re not directly selling unless it’s an offer
  2. Don’t send mails to the email IDs database you’ve bought online
  3. Make sure you’re not sending more than 3 mails a week
how to do email marketing

However, if you’re following the above-mentioned steps, you’re all set to go.

Pro Tip: Just keep in mind that you’re not sending mails to the email list you’ve purchased from someone. Sometimes, these email lists are filled with bots that immediately unsubscribe from your emails, as soon as you send them.

Google notices how many people are joining your email list and how many are unsubscribing. So, in case many people start to unsubscribe or even mark as spam, it would give Google a sign that you’re actually spamming. In turn, you might have to see your emails automatically going to the spam folders already.

So, instead of knowing how to send bulk emails to random email lists, try to shift your attention to understand how to build an email list – organically.

How to Build an Email List

Building an email list can be both easy and difficult. You may buy random email lists from people, start sending mails and hope for some conversions. Or you can send mails to the few audiences that you grab from your website or other sources.

how to send bulk email

There’s one easy way and a hard way. The easy way might give you years of pain after a few days of feeling happy. And the hard one would definitely make you happy after a few days of making you worried. So, how to build an email list?

Best ways to build an email list:

  1. Use click magnet strategies where you ask for email addresses. You can use a fortune wheel where there is a list of freebies available that needs email addresses to redeem
  2. Use Pop Up bars on your website. Provide an offer like a discount on something and ask for emails
  3. Use social media Ads to build an email list at less price
  4. If you host an event, then take your event entries through email addresses. Make a landing page which sends the invite of the event on mail
  5. Create a Facebook Group and ask for emails as join in a survey form
  6. Make a free tool that asks for email opt-ins. This is the least you must ask for a “free” service

So, these were some of the ways with which you understand how to build an email list.

Email Marketing Tools

There are a lot of email marketing tools in the market that are good for nothing. Choosing the right mail marketing tool can be difficult for a new person. So what to do?

Here’s a list of all the email marketing tools that we have curated for you:


Litmus is one of the best email marketing tools online. With the help of Litmus, you can create emails and test them. In case you didn’t know, emails are also coded. And the coding for email is different from coding of a website.

email marketing tools

There are chances that in the beginning, you end up sending a mail that has a broken image, link or even minor errors that makes your email look sluggish.

Just remember that a good email marketing campaign is when your images are properly arranged, the text is visible, links are working and many more things. This is why before searching how to send bulk mail, you need to figure out whether you’re making an optimized mail or not.

Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp is one of the best free mail marketing tools that have a lot of features to serve you. In case you’re wondering what Mail Chimp does, let us segregate its features for you.

You can create campaigns from the dashboard of your Mail Chimp account. Make various polls, ask for questions or raise a form from your Mail Chimp account and interact with your subscriber list.


You can manage your recipient list and create separate audiences and then select which audience you want to send some specific mails to. This is how you can get targeted results for your email marketing campaigns.

Mail Chimp comes with a free version that allows up to 2000 subscribers or 12000 emails per month and the Pro version unlocks for $10.

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Drip is one of the best email marketing tools for eCommerce store runners. This tool helps you create, manage and edit your email marketing campaigns that include integration with Shopify as well.

If you feel like sending mails with offers on your eCommerce store that’s running on Shopify, then Drip could be the tool for you.


For starters, Drip is free for upto 100 subscribers. After this, the paid version starts at $41 for up to 2500 emails and $83 for 5000 emails. So, these were some of the tools you can use for email marketing. You may use these tools for sending bulk mails, offers, good morning message and other such things.

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