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Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to earn money sideways. If you have an online presence and you get some attractive traffic based on that presence, then you can make a handsome amount from that traffic. But for that, you’ll have to learn how to do affiliate marketing & what are the top paying affiliate programs for earning good commissions.

This blog is all about how to get your first sale in Affiliate marketing. Here, we’ll see how top paying affiliate programs are offering huge amounts to people every day.

In case you don’t know what is Affiliate Marketing, then read this blog first.

Now that you have done that, let’s start with earning money with affiliate marketing.

Steps to earn money from affiliate marketing

how to start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is easy if you are following your passion. If you only want to make money by doing something you never wanted to do, then you’ll never be successful in it.

So, affiliate marketing is something that’s only going to work when you are actually doing something which you are genuinely passionate about.

Now that you have done that, let’s check out how affiliate marketing works for most people.

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Choose a Niche

This is the first step to starting your own affiliate network. Before even starting with your website or any other platform, define what you really want to do.

You can choose to work in any field. It can be anything as weird as it could be. It can even be a soap. Yes! Soaps.

There are people on Instagram that are making a great lifestyle with just cutting soaps. The soap companies are sending them their latest and special editions to showcase their product on these channels.

Have a look here. If you are passionate about something, then you can definitely cash it out.

Now, selecting a niche is also quite difficult as you might have to select a niche that has money in it. Something that can pay you in the long run. You can’t pick something that can’t give you parallel income.

Top Paying Affiliate Programs  affiliate marketing

Along with this, you need to see what are the top paying affiliate programs in that niche. If there are no affiliate networks in that field in which you are working, then it’s time for you to change your field.

Now that you’ve done that, let’s move to our second pick.

Find Affiliate Networks

Once you’re comfortable working in a niche, it’s time for you to find top paying affiliate programs. There are a lot of Affiliate networks online that are paying an amazing amount for every purchase.

PS: Do not just opt-in for any affiliate network like that. Take your time in deciding which affiliate network you would be receiving your income from. There are some affiliate networks that don’t pay well and neither on time. So, take your time to decide which affiliate network would you want to work for.

Look out for affiliate networks that are paying you well for every purchase that happens from your website.

Websites like ClickBank pay around 50% to 60% on their affiliate channel. So you can learn to do affiliate marketing on ClickBank.

And on the other hand, if you are thinking of any other affiliate network, then you must expect around 10% commission on every purchase that happens from your source.

Also, you may get more commission on products sold from your source.

Along with this, you need to promote products that you actually use. Or even if you don’t use them, you need to show them that you believe in the product. This way, you will create an image of yourself as someone who is genuine and actually uses the services.

Sometimes, you may also have to check how the customer support is, for the product that you would be selling to your audience.

There is also one more thing that you have to understand. The fact that there are millions of blogs already on the internet that for every person, there are 7 to 10 blogs on the internet. Therefore, if you want to learn how to start affiliate marketing on blogs, then you should have that sort of content that attracts and engages people.

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Understanding the source of your traffic

Here you have to define where visitors would be able to see the products you wish to have an affiliate network with.

So, you can choose to make a website, Facebook group, Facebook page or even a YouTube channel. All you need is a source of regular traffic. No matter on which platform are you working on, you just need to be active on any social network or a website and that’s it.

So, in case you want to make a website, then see how to make a website.

Here’s a simple way to make a website:

  1. Buy a domain name from Godaddy or NameCheap
  2. Get hosting from BlueHost or GoDaddy
  3. Connect domain with hosting
  4. Install WordPress on your Hosting
  5. Install themes and Plugins mentioned in this blog
  6. Start creating content

Here, you have to understand some things before you learn how to start affiliate marketing and get a sale.

Make sure you have selected a niche on which you can write 50, 100 or even 500 blogs if you are choosing to make a website. Otherwise, if you are planning to learn how to do affiliate marketing from best affiliate networks on YouTube, then make sure you can make a lot of videos for the next year or two.

Now, let’s see how to get your first sale in Affiliate Marketing.

How to get your first sale in Affiliate Marketing

top paying affiliate programs

Now, affiliate marketing is something that can really work wonders for you if you know how to convince someone with your content. Suppose you are writing content in just stuffing affiliate links – no matter if they’re from top paying affiliate programs or not, no one will purchase.

Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the most paying ways to get money from affiliate networks. A lot of people search for reviews online before buying anything.

Suppose, you’ve written a review post for a washing machine and people who are looking to buy that machine land on your blog for the review. Now, if someone who really likes your blog and clicks on the link and makes a purchase, then you can definitely make a good amount on that purchase.

QnA Session

There are people who would want to know more about certain products. So, in order to do that, they visit websites or blogs that address FAQs and other QnA from which they can know if there’s some other side to the product.

Such websites and blogs may get less traffic, but they do have a higher click-through rate as compared to other websites.

how to do affiliate marketing

For example, Such websites do attract a lot of traffic. People who are looking forward to buy a car would definitely visit such a website where they can get to know different people’s opinion on a car. Therefore, QnA and Reviews would always attract good traffic.

So, this was it about our blog on how to get your first sale in affiliate marketing.

Make sure you follow these tips and keep this blog ready whenever you are thinking of starting your own affiliate marketing journey.

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