Should You Buy Instagram Followers? Fake Social Followers Worth?

Almost every second person on social media wants to have a huge following. Just for this one purpose, people buy Instagram followers or get likes on Instagram at different prices. But, today, we’re going to express our concerns on why you should have more followers on Instagram. But, not the ones you can purchase.

Should You Buy Fake Social Followers

By now, you might have known that we’re not supporting you to buy Instagram followers. The very first reason why people want a huge following on their social media is ego. Having 10,00,000 people following you, agreeing with your point of view is tempting enough. This very reason has been giving millions of dollars of business to these companies.

You may get followers at a cheap price. But, is it actually worth it? If buying followers in the first place is such an easy way out, then why are companies spending so much in creative agencies to establish a brand image on the internet?

Can you buy more followers on Instagram

Buy Fake Social FollowersYes. You “can” buy more followers on Instagram or add followers on Instagram. But, this is something that we don’t recommend you at all. There are websites from which people are buying Instagram followers or social media followers for prices as low as a packet of chips. According to our own one minute Google search for the term, “buy Instagram followers,” we found that a particular site was selling 1,000 followers for INR 9.

This is such a low price. If you want to boast amongst your friends regarding how “decent” fan following you have, you can use such services for such purposes. But in case you have a branded handle, you must never think of doing such a thing. Why? Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook or any other platform notice everything that happens to your account.

For example: If you have been getting 2 followers every day and today, you just got 1,000 followers like nothing. Thus such an irregular pattern can make social media platforms think of you doing some suspicious activities. We’ll talk about what can happen if social media platforms think that you’re doing some suspicious activities.

Will Bought Followers Engage with your Content

This is the question that you should be asking before buying Instagram followers. The number one thing is that you can buy numbers on your page. But, these numbers won’t necessarily be engaging with your content. So, buying followers can give you certain numbers, but it won’t be something that would help you convert.

For example, You can have 10,000 followers on your Instagram. But your posts have only 30 likes. This would give a very bad image to your page. New people who find your page, won’t take your page in a very serious manner. They’ll realize that something suspicious has happened.

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Why you Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers

buy instagram follower

Now that you know that buying followers and likes on social media won’t suffice your long term goals. But, there are other technical things that you must keep into consideration before using such services.

Shadowbanning on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet. In a survey, it was found that more than 1 Billion people are actively using Instagram. So, even if you do something genuine, you can still increase your followers organically. But, organic reach on these platforms is next to dead.

So, if you still want to use services to get likes on Instagram or any other platform, then be sure about Shadowbanning. Shadowbanning is the policy that Instagram applies on your page that inhibits your profile or page from getting more visibility. This means that once your account gets Shadowbanned, you’ll see a large reduction in your page’s engagement and for the next couple of weeks or months, you’ll see no new followers being added. And this would actually go opposite of why you were buying followers in the first place.

Short Return on Investment (ROI)

return on investment

Although the prices of fake followers might seem very less, in the long run, this would be very high. The reason is that the amount you spent on buying followers could have been used in running advertisements online.

Suppose you just bought followers worth INR 2,000. But, within the first month only, all your followers unfollow you as they didn’t like your content. Thus, your amount spent gets wasted in all this procedure. But, on the other hand, you utilize INR 2,000 on Facebook or Instagram Ads, you have higher chances of getting followers who retain on your page.

Your Performance May Get Disrupted

It is very much evitable that buying extra followers means that you’re giving something extra on your page. But, that ‘extra’ is still not giving you any good results. This means that in your reports, you’ll see that even though your page has received a good number of traffic, but your engagement is still the same or less than before.

Just remember that once your page has a large following on your page, you need to also have decent engagement that supports the number of followers. Suppose, earlier when you had 2000 followers on your page, you had a 10% engagement rate on your page. This means that out of 2000 people, 200 were actively engaging with your content.

But, now as you have purchased 10,000 followers. But you still have only 200 people who engage with your page. This means that now you have only 1.6% engagement rate on your page. This is a drastic drop in your engagement rate on your social media. So, now the bots of these social media platforms will think that your page doesn’t perform well. Hence, they will give your page negative feedback.

So, these were all the known reasons why you should refrain from buying followers on Instagram and Facebook. Instead of buying followers, you must aim to create amazing content that your audience engages with. Rest, start running Advertisements. Go through our other blogs and learn how to run Advertisements on your social media pages.

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