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How to Advertise on Google | Learn Google Ads [Step Tutorial]

Google AdWords is a platform that helps people advertise their products and services. The advertisement can be done on various platforms of Google and/or Google alone. We have put each step to learn Google Ads/Adwords.

In this blog, we’ll understand how to advertise on Google and this Google AdWords tutorial will explain all the features in it. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Need & Benefits of Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an amazing platform to market any of your products or services. There’s no lie that Google has a huge database of people who use this platform. And this is the first reason why there’s a need for Google AdWords for marketers.

1. Huge Reach

Talking about how normal people learn how to use the internet, they first learn about Google and then learn about Facebook. I can’t guarantee other people, but that’s exactly how I learned. And maybe there are going to be more people like me.

There are a lot of people who use Google. Google is the first thing that one learns and then comes Facebook or any other social media website. So this is the number one reason why you should learn Google Ads.

2. “Targeted” Audience

Unlike Facebook or any other platform, you won’t have to feel scared because of improper audience targeting. If you are running Text Advertisement, then your Ads would be shown to those who are searching for that “specific” or “relevant” keyword. But that’s not the case with banner or side column Ads.

For Example: You are searching for “how to advertise on Google” and you’re on this page and on the right-hand side, you see an Advertisement. So, most probably, you will be seeing an Advertisement regarding the things you have viewed previously.

So this is where your Ads will get segregated automatically as per the audience.

3. Faster Results than SEO

If you have tried Search Engine Optimization before, then you would know that it takes a lot of time to even show up on Google. And even if it does get visible on Google, you’re still not sure whether it’ll be in the first two pages or not. And this is why it becomes your second reason to learn Google AdWords.

Now many people ask how to advertise on Google. But they’re not sure what they really want to do. They’ve just heard that they can run Ads on Google but they don’t know how Google Ads work.

Understanding Google Advertising Goals

Currently, Google AdWords offers us 6 dedicated types of Advertising Goals and 1 custom Goal:

  1. Sales
  2. Leads
  3. Web Traffic
  4. Product and Brand Consideration
  5. Brand Awareness and Reach
  6. App Promotion
  7. Custom Goal
google ads goals

This is how Google AdWords campaign set up screen looks like (May 2020). Along with these types of campaign, there are 5 types of campaigns in Google AdWords:

  1. Display
  2. Text
  3. Shopping
  4. Video
  5. App Install

1. A Display Ad looks like this:

2. A Shopping Ad looks like:

types of google ads

3. A text Ad looks like:

types of google adwords ads

Google makes it clear that a result you’re seeing is an Ad or an organic result by writing “Ad” in the green rectangle. Video Ads come in between or before videos on YouTube. They’re also a part of Google AdWords. App Ads come in the PlayStore or even while you’re searching on your mobile phone regarding something relevant to that App.

Now let’s understand how to bid on Google AdWords.

Bidding Strategy on Google AdWords

Bidding can be difficult for beginners if they have never used Google AdWords before. And if you’re learning how to advertise on Google, then also you’d need to think before you spend.

For bidding, you must use Google Keyword Planner Tool which was specially made to serve marketers. That’s another thing that people are using Google Keyword Planner to do keyword research for writing blogs. So, check out the lowest and highest bidding of the keyword you’re targeting.

For a good reach and more clicks, you can check the top of the page bid and increase it by 20% to 30% and then run your campaign. This way, you’d be able to get around the first or second page.

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What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is a form of Search Engine Marketing where the marketer pays a fee to Google every time someone clicks on your search result. Very often Pay Per Click model is underpaid. Suppose you’re paying $2 for a search result and sell a $99 product. Imagine how much profit would you make if this happens.

This is one of the major benefits of Google AdWords that it pays back in itself. All you need to do is know how to make a campaign that actually gets clicked. So, if this is Pay Per Click, then what is Google AdWords?

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is one of the most popular PPC networks in the world. It is also known as Google Ads. So every time someone searches something on Google, the search engine finds out the advertisers who are also targeting the same keyword. Then based on different parameters such as keywords relevancy, landing page relevance, bidding budget and other such parameters, Ads are ranked. Learn Google AdWords and its bidding strategy and useful terms.

If you have been in the marketing field and know how to advertise on Google, then you’d know how much effort taking it is to make a winning campaign.

Bidding in Google AdWords

Now I want all of your attention here! 92% of all the searches on the internet are just made by Google. On the other hand, if we consider Pay Per Click campaigns, then the share goes like 92% by Google and 8% by other search engines. Now majorly we’ll understand how the bidding is done in Google AdWords.

bidding strategy in google adwords

This is how the bidding in Google AdWords is done. In the conventional form of marketing, big players always won because of heavy amounts being easily paid by them. But this is not the case here. In Google AdWords, if you pass the parameters laid by AdWords, only then would your Ad be analyzed. If you’re here to learn how to advertise on Google, then bidding will be very problematic for you if you’re new.

So your bidding is dependent on some of these factors:

  1. Landing Page Quality: Loading speed of landing page, keyword-rich content in the landing page, using relevant CTA buttons, etc.
  2. Keyword Relevant Landing Page: The landing must be relevant to the keyword that a user is searching for
  3. Ad Copy: Grammatical sentences with keywords inserted that satisfies the user intent. The number of clicks will be dependent on the quality of Ad copy that a user has.

So these were the following parameters with which bidding on Google AdWords is done. Now, let’s see how the Account creation on Google AdWords is done.

How to Create Google AdWords Account

Go to Google and type Google AdWords and click on the first result.

how to create google adwords account

Now here you will get to enter your email address and you’ll be getting an offer of INR 2000. After that, you’ll have to do the basic login and you’re all set to enter the Google AdWords platform.

how to create new campaign in google ads

Here you can see that you’ll be directed to enter your website, business name.

  • Then create an Ad by writing an amazing Ad copy.
  • Enter your designated budget and set up billing.

This is how you’ll be starting a new campaign and your query, “How to advertise on Google” is satisfied. Now, let’s see some REALLY important terms that you’ll come across while using Google AdWords.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost Per Click is a method of charging for your Ads on Google. Usually, Cost per click and Pay Per Click are used in place of each other. But, they both have different meanings. Pay Per Click means that Google is going to charge you for every click that you get on your Advertisement.

But, on the other hand, Cost per Click is a method which is estimated on Impression based advertisements. Now, how is it done? Usually, Google has some specified amount for Impression based Advertisements.

  • Suppose, Google charges INR 2,000 for 1,000 impressions on your Advertisement.
  • Usually, an average advertisement gets around 2% clicks.
  • So, if we calculate the “Cost Per Click”, it becomes:
  • 2% of 1,000 impressions = 20.
  • So, the CPC becomes: INR 2,000 / 20 Clicks = INR 100 per click.

This is how you can calculate CPC or Cost Per Click on your Ad.

Quality Score

As per Google, the Quality Score of an Ad is like a “warning light of a car’s engine that shows how healthy the engine is.” To all the people who wish to learn Google AdWords, learn about Quality Score as well. The best of the best Digital Marketers are focusing on Quality Score the most.

The aim to get the maximum output from the amount spent on their Ads. A good Quality Score is between 8 to 9 and if it is 10, then it’s the best. Although it takes a lot of effort to get the Quality score of 10.

For that, you’d have to optimize your landing page with relevant keywords, make sure it has no grammatical errors, the load time is low and follows Google’s policies. Along with that, you need to make sure your Ad copy is relevant to the keyword you are aiming to target.

Pro Tip: You must not expect to have a Quality Score of 10 if you are not using any “Negative Keyword”. Google would always love to test your Ad by sending some traffic from some of the keywords that are not so relevant to your page. And this is why you must always think about what should be your “Negative Keywords.”

Why Quality Score is Important

Quality Score is one of the most important factors that affect your Ad’s budget and spending. If you’re here to learn Google AdWords properly, then this is the area where you must have a lot of attention to.

Quality Score can affect all of your campaign’s budget and even visibility. If you’re not good at writing appealing Ad copies, making landing pages, then you might be spending more than your competitors and still won’t be able to get good conversions.

Bidding plays a good role here. If the keyword you are targeting here has a lot of competitors, then no matter however good your campaign is, the prices might be relatively increased.

The Quality Score is given by Google once it has exhausted your set budget for the campaign and all or some of the auctions are done. So, according to this situation, Google awards a number between 1 to 10 to the advertiser. Now let’s discuss the basics and have some theoretical knowledge of some important terminologies.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

CTR or Click Through Rate is the number of times your Ad is clicker divided by the number of times it was shown to the people. So a good CTR would always below. The more your Ad will be clicked, the lesser your CTR would be. And once your Ad starts getting more clicks than other Ads targeting the same keywords, your Quality Score would start increasing.

CTR’s Importance

If you take into consideration of getting more clicks, then you would start seeing your Quality Score increasing. Like we said that for any advertiser, Quality Score is very important as one of the factors of getting good Quality Score is your previous Quality Scores. Be it Google or Facebook, both of these platforms check out for your previous Quality Scores on your previous Ads.

Quick Exercise: Try to write 2 Ad copies – that can receive amazing clicks – for: 

i.  Real Estate Company which is selling housing flats in New Delhi @ INR 20 Lacs

ii.  A motorcycle brand which is selling India’s First Electronic Bike @ INR 1 Lacs

Mistakes in Google AdWords/Ads

Now, here is your number one lesson why you need to learn Google Ads properly. If you don’t know how to properly use Google AdWords, then Google might block your account and it might never be reactivated.

Earlier, you’ve understood how to advertise on Google. But here you’ll know the worst mistake in Google AdWords that people do. In case you’re running an Ad on Google for a targeted keyword of your competitor’s name. So, make sure you don’t write their name in the title or description area of your Ad. This might give you copyright issues and you might have to pay a huge amount to the company of which you’ve taken the name.

For example: In this screenshot below. We checked the keyword Aweber which is an email marketing tool. So, many competitors of Aweber would want to target Aweber’s customers. But, writing their Brand name in their title or description is malpractice according to Google.

mistakes in google adwords

So, you might not do that. Otherwise, you’d have to say Goodbye to your Google AdWords account. Now we’ve come to the end of this blog on Google AdWords. If you think this blog was helpful, then make sure you bookmark it so that you can keep coming back again.

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