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Introduction To The Digi Experts: Learn Digital Marketing

The Digi Experts is a platform prepared for Digital Marketing enthusiasts who want to learn Digital Marketing from professionals. At The Digi Experts, we focus on providing the right information to our students and training them how to use this Digital Marketing knowledge.

We offer a wide range of courses in the field of Digital Marketing in India. An individual will learn the sub fields in the Digital Marketing spectrum. Later on, the same individual may grow out to become a professional SEO expert, Content Writer, Social Media Marketing Professional, Email Marketing Specialist, Google AdWords Professional, Affiliate Marketer, Youtuber, Blogger, Website Maker/Designer or Graphics Designer as per their liking.

Many of the top Digital Marketers in India started from just one field and now, they’re ruling the entire field of Digital Marketing in India. 

100% Job Placement Guarantee

Mark our words: We, at The Digi Experts take full responsibility of providing 100% Job Placement/Internship/Entrepreneurship Guarantee of our students. Unlike other institutes, we don’t use the word “assistance” but we’re taking the “guarantee” of our students’ placements.

Theoretical Approach

The Digital Marketing course offered by The Digi Experts will have around 15 modules which will give an in-depth overview of Digital Marketing.

Note: These 15 modules are subject to be changed. As per the change in Digital Marketing trends, any module may be added/subtracted/modified.

Real Life Practice

Along with the learning of Digital Marketing in India, students don’t get an exposure to what the real world demands. Hence, even after studying Digital Marketing Course in India, students are unfortunately called Freshers.

But with The Digi Experts, students will no longer be tagged as “freshers.” They will get to handle the client work for real. A student would understand how a real Ad campaign runs, how to meet deadlines etc.

Mentor Support

We all know how much having a mentor feels like. Having someone to guide us and show us the path to “create” rather than just “following”.

The students of The Digi Experts need not worry about the mentor support. This is one of the very few Digital Marketing Institutes in India which provides mentorship from over 50 successful Digital Marketers in India.

Take the decision now

The Digi Experts are offering you our helping hand to teach you Digital Marketing in India the way it should be taught. If you want to learn Digital Marketing directly from experts and have “real” hands on experience, then call us right now!

Key Features of Digi Experts

The Digi Experts is one of those Digital Marketing Institutes in India which offer you straight hands on experience of Digital Marketing in India.

By now, you might have known all the perks of being a student at The Digi Experts. But, what exactly can you expect at our institute?

Digital Marketing Zen

The word Zen itself tells you that the Digital Marketing field is vast. And it’d be disrespectful to call it Digital Marketing knowledge. So, anything that comes in Digital Marketing, even though it has 5% relation with Digital Marketing, you’ll learn it.

Practical Hands on Exposure

What’s Digital Marketing if you’re just rote learning the Zen just like you did in your school or college? Here at The Digi Experts, we offer to provide you real practice on client work.

Learn Digital Marketing strategies in the class and do the practical after your class.


Yes, modules! Everyone knows that modules are sometimes hard to crack and sometimes boring. But our Modules are a sure shot MUST try! The Zen you learn in class would come right in front of you when you practice on our modules.

Later on, this Zen would be tested when you practice on the client work.


Certificates are like a cherry on top of the cake. At The Digi Experts, we aim to build experts in our Digital Marketing Institutes. But, what’s a good Digital Marketer without any authority backing it up?

So, here at The Digi Experts, we help our students get more than 10 certificates of Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads etc.

Placement Guarantee

This is the part you all were waiting for, right?

At The Digi Experts, we not only support our students get a job/internship or entrepreneurial help, but also teaching them how to sell their services.

Being a Digital Marketer is just one thing, but what’s better than that is getting a good company or agency where you can practice and achieve perfection.

Support from over 50 mentors

Having someone who mentors you could be a blessing. Someone who has seen what you’re about to see and guiding you through those times is definitely something we all want.

Digital Marketing image

At The Digi Experts, we provide you teachings from the experiences of the 50+ Mentors at The Digi Experts. Learn what real life would show you in the field of Digital marketing and be prepared.

Marketing Fundas

Digital Marketing is not a castle of clouds. It’s just like the conventional form of Marketing but the method has changed. You don’t have to go to people directly and do the cold selling. Target your preferred audience and start selling!

But, one still needs to know the ideology of selling their services. Hence, at The Digi Experts, we provide the essential Marketing Fundas to our students so that they can master the art of selling online.

Is that it? Certainly not! There’s a lot more to explore at The Digi Experts. Be the Digital Marketer, companies are looking for.

Take The Decision Now

Tony Robbins once said, “Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent and committed decision.”

Take the right decision now. Everything in the country is shifting to Digital. Now, is the right time to learn Digital Marketing in India. Be the first and fast mover and see your life change.

August 10, 2019

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