Introduction To The Digi Experts: Learn Digital Marketing

Started in the year 2016, The Digi Experts is a training house that empowers Digital Marketing enthusiasts by providing them with the highly needed Digital Marketing skills. In the current scenario, most of the graduates lack the skill sets that companies require. To fulfill the gap between employable candidates and fresh graduates, The Digi Experts came into existence.

The Digi Experts came into existence under the leadership of Ravi Chopra who needs no introduction in the Digital Marketing scenario of India. Ravi has scaled multiple businesses and saved millions of dollars of marketing spend of many companies. The Digi Experts follows the ‘Agency based learning approach’ wherein the candidates are taught with experience and the entire focus is laid on core knowledge. At The Digi Experts, we’re confident and promise to fulfill the following to our candidates.

100% Job Placement Guarantee

Mark our words: We, at The Digi Experts, take full responsibility for providing 100% Job Placement/Internship/Entrepreneurship Guarantee of our students. Unlike other institutes, we don’t use the word “assistance” but we’re taking the “guarantee” of our students’ placements. The Digi Experts has more than 20 companies on board where our students get placed.

Practical Approach

At The Digi Experts, we provide our students with practical modules that develop their skills and helps them understand Digital Marketing the way it should be. We partner with our students with our in-house team so that they can have a better understanding.

A total of 15 Digital Marketing modules are provided to our students that give them a deeper understanding of the different verticals of Digital Marketing.

Note: These 15 modules are subject to be changed. As per the change in Digital Marketing trends, any module may be added/subtracted/modified.

Real-Life Practice

Along with the learning of Digital Marketing in India, students don’t get exposure to what real-world demands. Hence, even after studying Digital Marketing Course in India, students are unfortunately called Freshers.

At The Digi Experts, our students get to manage client work. This is how our students are treated not just like students, but like an employee. Based on their liking of the industry that they want to work for, we segregate the client work for them.

Mentor Support

At The Digi Experts, we extend our support to our students by mentoring them for their careers. Special mentoring sessions are held in the institute where the students are given more opportunities to grow in their field of interest.

Our entire focus lays on just one idea that our students should be getting the maximum benefit out of our Agency based Digital Marketing course.


Certificates are like a cherry on top of the cake. At The Digi Experts, we aim to build experts in our Digital Marketing Institute. But, what’s a good Digital Marketer without any authority backing it up? So, here at The Digi Experts, we help our students get more than 10 certificates of Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more.

Take The Decision Now

Tony Robbins once said, “Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” Take the right decision now. Everything in the country is shifting to Digital. Now is the right time to learn Digital Marketing in India. Be the first and fast mover and see your life change.

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