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Do you want to know some of those email marketing best practices that most of the top email marketing companies are implementing? Learn email drip campaign on how to setup email campaign

Well, there are a lot of email marketing best practices that you can use. But, today in this blog, we’ll be talking about how to set up an email drip campaign. The main reason why email drip campaigns are set up is because of communication. A lot of people say that email marketing is dead. But a lot of companies are making millions of dollars of profit from their email marketing campaigns only.

This proves how important an email marketing campaign is. In this blog, we’ll see which are the best email marketing tools that you must use to set up your email drip campaign. Although, no email marketing campaign is complete without a proper subscriber list. So, if you are looking forward to increasing your profits with automated email sending, then this blog is for you. Now that we’re all set, let’s move forward.

What is an Email Drip Campaign

An email drip campaign is the type of email marketing strategy that helps in automated email sending at specific times and dates. The major purpose of using email marketing campaign is to make people know about your offers and services. In an Email Drip campaign, you can expect to send welcoming emails to your new subscribers, sending specially curated emails for 

Executing an Email Drip Campaign

Executing an automated email sending campaign is the same as the dripping email campaign.

In a dripping email campaign, you can do a lot of things like promoting an offer that’s expiring tonight at 12 AM. You can send mail starting from today 8 AM onwards and keep sending different emails at different time durations regarding the same. One of the major benefits of email drip campaigns is that it builds trust.

Other than that, there is one more factor that email marketers have to consider. It’s the fear of their emails getting to someone’s spam folder. So, here you have to understand how to properly execute a dripping email campaign.

Here are a few things that you must do before starting your own automated email sending campaign:

  1. Are your subscribers really interested in your emails
  2. Do you want them to visit your website
  3. If you need more sales from your email marketing campaigns

These are the first three questions that you should be asking yourself if you’re thinking about email drip campaigns.

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Email Drip Campaign Examples

Let’s take an example for this part. Here, we’ll take an example of To see the results of Flipkart, first visit Similarweb to see how much traffic Flipkart gets on an average.

email drip campaign

Here, as per Similarweb, we can see that the website gets 210.28 Million in total visits every month. On scrolling down the website, we can see from which sources does Flipkart gets its traffic from.

email marketing best practices

Here, we can see an option that says Mail. And the traffic says 0.72% of the total traffic Flipkart receives. This means that out of 210.28M people, 0.72% people are coming directly from the emails that Flipkart sends. And in numbers, this is equal to 15120000. It means that around 1 crore 51 lakh and 20 thousand people are visiting Flipkart from their mails.

It is a huge number. Now suppose, 5% of the people buy a product from Flipkart. So, the number becomes 756000. It means that almost 7.5 lakh people bought a product from Flipkart every month from their email marketing campaign. Now, let’s suppose that every visitor purchased a product worth INR 100.

So, the total business Flipkart acquired from its email marketing campaign is 75600000. It means that Flipkart receives a business of 7.5 crores every month with just emails. Now, you might have understood why email marketing campaigns are important. If you still think that emails don’t have power, then they do. They definitely have a lot of power.

Now, there are a lot of industries that use Email Drip Campaigns. Find below which are the industries that can have a great and profitable business with dripping emails.

Real Estate Drip Campaigns

The real estate field is one of those fields that require a lot of trust amongst your audience. As real estate is one of those fields that is considered to be a one-time investment. Similarly, people would always want to invest their hard-earned money with some company that they can really bank upon.

Majority of the property buyers of today are on email and they do use social media. So, if you can capture leads on your social media handles and start sending them emails regularly, you can expect a huge profit in your business.

Digital Marketing

There are a lot of businesses that are operating offline but aren’t coming online. The business owners know it well that they can make a huge fortune if they start operating online. This is where you can capture such people.

Shoot them with your emails regularly, teach them little things and then sell them something. As per research, it is said that your content must be 95% teaching and the rest 5% executing.

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Fashion Industry Drip Campaigns

The Fashion industry is one of the most popular industries that have created a huge benchmark in email marketing. A well-created email drip campaign can make a lot of difference in their profits.

You may share some fashion tips and then try to sell out your products in between with the help of affiliate marketing. Now, let’s see how to set up an email drip campaign.

Setting up Email drip campaign

You can use any of the best email marketing tools available in the market to send automated bulk emails. In our previous blog, we covered how to send automated bulk emails with MailChimp. You can use that tool to make emails.

One of the best parts of MailChimp is that you can write emails in advance and then schedule them as per your timing and requirements. Along with that, you can even test your emails before sending them to anyone. So, this is it. Now, you know how dripping emails work. And you can also start making your own dripping emails with these formulas.

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