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How to Run App Install Ads on Google

A 100 years from now, who knew that people would be making millions and billions from something that actually never exists? No one! It’s crazy how the mode of business switched from stocking live inventory to selling products without even seeing them.

With the help of Apps, people are getting great business every day. But, it’s all possible if people have your App on their phones. In case, less people have your App on their phones, then you can run App Install Ads to fulfil this criteria. So, in this blog we’ll see how Google App Ads are run.

In case you want to know how to run Google Search Ads, Display Ads & Shopping Ads, click on the anchored part. Now, let’s see how to run App install Ads.

How App Install Ads work

So, unlike other Google Play Ads on phone or other Google Ads, Google App Ads are a bit different. One of the reasons being that Google won’t take much of your time to create an Ad. It’s really simple.

We’ll talk about what is the procedure to run App Install Ads on Google in the later part of this blog. So, for the time being, let’s start with the ways in which Google App Ads work or show.

Placements of Google App Ads

Google App Install AdsSo, Google offers a lot of placement options to showcase app install Ads. You can check the image below to understand how Google play Ads on Phone look like.

So, a normal Google App install Ad would be shown on any of the Google Network platform as YouTube, Google searches, Full screen App Ads and even Google Play Store. So, all the Google Network Platforms are eligible to show an App Install Ad.

How to run App Install Ads on Google

So, there are two options you can use to run an App install Ad. The first being Google AdWords and the second one being Google AdMob. You might have heard of Google AdMob which is a new tool launched by Google to run Advertisements on mobile. Meanwhile, the Google AdWords is an older platform to run Advertisements. But, here’s a trick!

As we know that AdMob is specially dedicated to running App install Ads on Google. But, on the other hand, Google AdWords can help you run Ads of all types on Google.

So, even if we’re running a search Ad or App install Ad, we’re only going to use Google AdWords. This is because Google AdMob has less features as compared to Google AdWords when it comes to more functionality.

So, running an App install campaign is pretty easy. But here, you would need the help of a developer if you are a beginner at app development or anything related to Applications.

Creating a new campaign

So, the first step to run Google App Ads, go to

Go to Campaigns in the left hand menu. Click on the Plus sign to create a new campaign. Select New campaign and you’ll see a screen like this.

Campaign goal selection Google AdsHere, you’ll see various Campaign types and here, select App promotion as your Campaign type.

Once you select App promotion, a menu will appear below this.

Capaign type google App install adsIn the menu that elongates from the campaign type menu, you’ll see a menu like this where you can select App as your Campaign type.

campaign type menuThen you’d have to select the platform on which your App is present.

To run an App install Ad from Android, you don’t have to install any code in your App to track conversions and installs for your Apps through the App campaign. 

For the other one which is iOS, we would have to install a snippet code in your app’s coding so that Google can better track all the conversions and give you precise data on that.

Once you have installed the snippet code in your App, you would have to select, “First Opens” and the click on “App installs”. The procedure to run an app install campaign on Google is a bit tricky for iOS apps as compared to Google Play Store apps.

Types of Platforms for App Install Campaigns

There are three platforms that you can choose to run your App install campaigns. In the placements section of this blog, you can see various locations at which your App install Ads can appear.

If we break down all those placements, they are:

  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network
  3. YouTube Network

So, the app Ads also come in all these locations. But, on the other hand, it doesn’t mean that these platforms only serve as the locations for posting the ad, holistically. Moreover, the display network may mean that your Ad can show up on Apps as well in between the sessions.

Bidding, Budget and Locations

So, the budget that you select over here, will be the final budget for this campaign. This means that Google won’t spend more than the amount that you have entered over here.

Here, if you are creating an App install Ad for Google Play Store, then you will have the option to select Target CPA. But on the other hand, in App Install Ads for Apple Store, then would have the option to select “Maximize clicks.”

In case you are just starting with Google Play Ads on Phone, then you can experiment with Bidding strategies to understand what’s working for your Apps and what’s not.

Ad content creating

Now the part comes in the Ad Set level where you are required to create content that you want to show in your Ads. This part, you’ll be able to see right after your Campaign settings. Here is a screenshot attached below that you can see where you will be able to write content for your Ads.

Ad creation for App installNow even though you don’t really have to write content in the Ad Text Idea box. Why? Because Google automatically fetches all this information from Play Store and helps in giving you customized content that will be seen in the image. But writing in the Ad Text Idea Box is mandatory by Google. Along with this, on the right hand side of your screen, you can see that Google Ads.

Now, here when you scroll down, you’ll be able to see the locations of your Ads. For example, in the image below you can see that Google gives us four options to see a preview of our Ad through on various platforms and placements.

Google display ad platformsThese four options are clickable and you can click on them to see how your Ad might look like on such platforms.

For example, if we click on YouTube, we’ll be able to see how our Ad would look like on the platform.

Google App Install Ads 1Along with this, on the left hand side, you’ll be able to see various options to add videos, images and HTML5 to your Ad. 

Google app ads image selectionIn the image above, we can see that our Ad is quite simple and plain on YouTube. But on the other hand, the same Ad would become powerful if we add a few images and videos in our Ad.

So, you can add up to 20 images in your Ad which will be shown on different platforms like: Display and YouTube.

Once you are satisfied with everything, you can click on the Save and Continue button. Then you will be shifted to the confirmation screen where you will see that your Ad is activated and will become live once Google reviews it. And this is how Google Play Ads on phone are made.

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