How to Purchase Domain Name [Full Guide]

How to Get a Domain Name

A domain can be considered as your temporary identity on the internet. Just like you buy or rent a shop in real life, you do the same on the internet to get a domain name. Learn how to purchase domain name step by step guide.

There are a lot of things that go alongside when you search for how to choose a domain name. So, choosing a domain is very crucial as it gives you a unique identity on the internet. Therefore, when you’re looking forward to booking a domain name for your business or yourself, make sure that it’s something you could live with till its renewal period.

So, now that we’ve talked about the renewal period let’s know about this in detail.

1. Renewal Period

When you purchase a Domain name, you must check for the renewal policy carefully. Sometimes, you might get confused because of non-transparent policies by some companies.

Pro Tip: If you’re unsure about being stable on one business or website, then you can book its domain name for one year and then think whether you want to renew it or not.

2. Keep the domain name short

People don’t like to type much – unless they are content writers. Here, you’ll have to think about how to get a domain name that doesn’t take much typing.

For Example, You can consider websites like OLA, OLX, UBER, Swiggy, Trivago, etc. All these websites have around 3-6 characters only. So, try to get a short domain name.

3. Don’t add numbers

It can get very confusing when you’re telling someone your website name. For Example, Android1 or Android-One. This way someone might miss out on your website and think of some other site as yours. So, when you purchase Domain name, make sure you don’t take up any domain name that has numbers in it.

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4. Use a keyword

Keywords still play a vital role in getting traffic to your website. Not just traffic, even Google ranks web pages based on the website’s name as well. You might have seen websites that have a keyword related to the query get shown on SERP. So, you can get a domain name that has one main keyword for the solution you’re trying to provide.

For Example: For the query “cars”, those websites got prioritized that had the keyword related to “cars” in their domain name. It also plays an essential role in getting you more clicks on your website.

5. Use a memorable name

Choose a memorable name. Something that one can remember after listening to it for the very first time. When you get a domain name, make sure it is something that raises a sense of curiosity about the meaning of the name.

For Example, These are the names that have something related to phones. So the chances of these websites getting clicked whenever someone searches for Mobiles is high. So, purchase Domain name that can be remembered for the category it belongs to.

6. Check for Copyrighted Names

There might come a time when you’d find “the best” domain name for your business. But, that domain name is related to someone else who has a business with the same name. So, it might lead to huge legal trouble.

Hence, look for how to get a domain name without any copyright or legal issues. So, check out for the trademark registry where you can find if your domain name has anything registered or not.

7. Choose “.Com” websites

If you’re getting an option to purchase Domain name with “.com” ending, get it! This is the most important rule of how to choose a domain name. 

  • .Com websites are given more priority in SEO, especially when the question is about international traffic. 
  • Check out the meaning of all the extensions like: “.com,” “,” “.net” etc. in Website Planning and Creation blog.
  • If you’re looking to make a brand of your website in the future, then try to get a domain name ending with “.com.” 
  • Even people have more inclination towards “.com” websites as compared to “.in” or “” website.

Pro Tip: Many people get hesitant at buying their favorite “.com” domain name because it’s costly today. So, they keep on waiting for the price to fall. Don’t wait for the prices to come down. Because most of the times, the prices don’t come down. Buy it today before the prices double. So, if you’re learning how to get a domain name at a cheap price, then there’s almost no way out. 

You can purchase Domain name from BigRock, GoDaddy, NameCheap, HostGator, etc. Now, what to do if you’re unable to think of any proper domain names? Let’s suppose you’re still unable to find right words eligible enough to be your domain name. In such a situation, you can take help from Domain Name Generators.

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8. Domain Name Generator

Domain Name Generators are effective tools that provide you with different words that can be used with your primary keyword name. Suppose you’re looking forward to making a website on “writers”, so here, you can write the keyword “writer” in the search section and see all the words that are available and go along with your domain name. One such tool, Domain Wheels helps you give Domain Name ideas that are available for use.

domain name generator


The Domain Name Generators are beneficial at giving you some fantastic suggestions. Get ideas and book the best one you like.

Business Name Generator is also one of its kind Domain Name Generators. Shopify, a famous eCommerce tool develop the tool.

shopify business name generator

Other than this, make sure you follow some advice given below.

9. Buy Common Misspellings of your Domain Name

Suppose you purchase Domain name that is something like ZORRO.COM. So buy all the misspellings like ZORO.COM or ZORROO.COM. This way, you can rest assured that no other individual would try to harm your brand image online.

Now that you have bought all the possible misspellings of your website redirect them back to your main site. This is one of the major benefits of purchasing common misspellings of your Domain Name.

10. Check for Bans on your Domain Name

Buying a Domain name can be a very hectic task – first is liking a name and then expecting it to be available. But this is not everything. You need to see if the domain you’re about to purchase was previously used by someone or not.

There can be two possibilities here:

  1. The site was doing well on Google and has a history with it. So, in such a situation, if you buy such a Domain, you’ll get a push in the Google Ranking.

But, if the site is taking a fresh step, then you might need more time to do that.

  1. The second situation is when suppose you’ve bought a website that was previously used by Hackers, Porn company or any other website that was going against Google’s policies. So, that Domain Name would be totally blacklisted by Google. Now, how to check this?

If the domain has been expired, then go to Type in the website name and you’ll get an idea on how to choose a domain name that’s expired or banned. And by now, we have to come to an end. You now know how to choose a domain name along with all the things you need to keep in mind.


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