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How to do lead generation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the best ways to get new clients. Every day, thousands of opportunities are presented on LinkedIn. Many B2B clients are directly approachable. All you need to know is how to generate leads on LinkedIn.

So before we begin, let’s tell you that LinkedIn is a very costly platform. You can’t just Google how to get leads from LinkedIn and start generating leads like that.

Twitter AdsUnlike Facebook, you can’t keep testing LinkedIn for different types of audience. On LinkedIn you have a specific kind of audience that would need some more specific kind of details so that your campaigns get successful.

So, without further ado, let’s start with this LinkedIn marketing strategy to generate leads.

Running Paid Advertisements for Lead Generation

More than 65% of businesses say that generating leads has been one of the most difficult parts of their entire business. But, lead generation is not that hard. What’s hard is converting those people or leads to become you customers. Therefore, we will understand how LinkedIn lead generation is done so that you won’t have to struggle with converting them.

Target the decision makers 

Sometimes you would be required to target those people who are on a certain post. But, as per the company rules in most of the companies, it’s not a wise decision to target them. Why? Because they may not be able to take a decision on their own.

Learn how to run App install Ads on Google.

For example, you wish to target those who are on the position of Marketing Executive. But, in some companies, a Marketing Executive might not be allowed to take decisions on behalf of the company. Hence, we need to understand what our target audience is going to be.

Choose hyper targeted prospects

In order to find people who may be a suitable match for your business, you need to go in depth. Here, you can not only rely on the results that LinkedIn gives you while searching for something. But, you need to apply filters while searching. This way, you’ll be able to create a working LinkedIn marketing strategy for yourself.

Choose your target prospectSo, go to the LinkedIn search bar. Type in any field that you want to find. Select the option that says: “Search for people with filters.”

This option will allow you to get filtered results based on different metrics like:

You can fetch database on your desired metrics like: Connections of, Locations, Current companies, Past companies, Industries, Profile language, Nonprofit interests, Schools etc.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn leads generation is a bit tricky task as compared to other forms of marketing. But not to say, Lead Generation Ads when it comes to LinkedIn, it’s all about getting B2B leads. And when we’re talking about B2B, it means that the business would be a high paying business. So, if the business is about a corporate training course that sells for half a million dollars. And if you’re spending 1% of the amount on LinkedIn Ads, then you have still gotten a huge profit out of it.

LinkedIn Sales NavigatorWith the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can find out specific people based on their job titles, industries, location and more. 

You can fetch all this data with the help of a Google extension: LinkedHelper. With the help of this free tool, you can fetch all this data in a single screen. Then you can send personalized messages to these people and generate leads.

But in order to do lead generation on LinkedIn, you need to leave your computer turned on. Because the automated tool will take over your account and send messages right in front of you.

Buy LinkedIn Premium Packages

There’s no online platform on which you can generate premium leads without spending a little money. All the social media platforms or connecting services in some way or the other ask for money to give you some extra benefits. This is the same with LinkedIn. If you wish to generate quality leads, then investing in a premium package is something you must do.

Linkedin PremiumWe’ve written a blog on how to run LinkedIn Ads. In this blog, you can see how to run different types of Ads on Linked – prices, features and offers. You can have a look at those features and see which feature is best suited for your business or service.

Communicate with your connections

Communication is one of the most important things that you must be doing on Linkedin. If you’re not communicating with your connections, then very soon you might see your potential client working with your competitors.

Be it LinkedIn Marketing Strategy or any other marketing strategy, without communication, marketing is never complete. So, if you want to generate more leads with a very high percentage of conversion rate, then you must surely communicate with your connections.

In case you want to know how to do lead generation on LinkedIn without paying a single amount, then start pushing out more and more content on LinkedIn. People who could be your potential clients might be interested in your product. Therefore, once you start making content on your LinkedIn page or profile, you can convert them later on by enrolling them in a course or something else that suits your business.


In order to do lead generation on LinkedIn, you don’t really have to pay any amount. Although, paying something would not degrade your brand value. But, even if you don’t want to pay anything, then the solutions include communication and content. Other than that, if you are willing to roll out some payments, then you can surely go ahead with the Premium content on LinkedIn. You can also use some paid tools that help you in generating leads. And further you can use your wit and marketing skills to convert them into buyers.

Also, try not to buy a random list of emails online and start sending them emails or LinkedIn messages, That’s a very bad LinkedIn marketing strategy. In such a case, you might see your brand value decreasing along with a further decrease in quality leads.

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