How to Advertise on Google Merchant Ads

If you have an online store, then you might have asked how to add products to Google shopping store or how Shopping campaigns AdWords work. It’s alright if you also have such concerns on how to advertise on Google Merchant Ads. In this blog, we’re going to talk about the same. So without wasting more of your time, let’s get started. But first, let us tell you how Google shopping campaigns AdWords are.

What is Google Merchant Ads

Google offers a great opportunity for marketers to showcase their products on the Google platform.

Let’s take some examples for this purpose.

Here, we searched for the term, “Biscuits” on Google.

Let’s see what do we get on our screen.

Google Merchant AdsHere, the first search result that you see is a Google Search Ad. Below that is Google’s video recommendation.

Now, on the right-hand side, you will be able to see the results in vertical order. The results with the images of biscuits. If you look carefully, on the right-hand side, the word “Sponsored” is written. This means that the results in this screen are all given through Google Merchant Ads.

Along with that, there are more ways in which Google Shopping Ads or Google Merchant Ads are shown.

For the term “Gifts,” this is the result that we see.

Google Shopping adsHere, we also see some more results from Google Merchant Center. Now you might have understood what is Google Merchant Ads. Let’s see how to advertise on Google Merchant Ads and make product listing Ads.

How to advertise on Google Merchant Center

One of the major reasons why Google Merchant Center Ads can be very helpful to you is because the visitor can already see what you’re selling without them opening any website. It makes it easier for the visitor to see the product that you’re selling from the search results only.

Hence, it becomes essential for marketers and business owners to use Google Shopping Ads to increase their sales.

So, let’s see how to use Google Merchant Center Ads to display products directly to the visitors.

The things that you would need to run Google Shopping Ads are:

  1. Google AdWords Account
  2. Google Merchant Account
  3. The feed of your products

That’s it. All you need are these three items beforehand to start running Google Shopping Ads.

Now, let’s see how to create a Google Merchant Account

How to create a Google Merchant Account

So, let’s assume that you have a Google AdWords Account. In case you don’t have a Google AdWords account, read our Google AdWords blog.

Next comes making a Google Merchant Account in 2019. Note that this blog is applicable in 2019 and we are writing this blog in August 2020.

  1. Go to Google and type in “Google Merchant Center.”
  2. Click on the first result and it might link here.

Google Merchant Ads Sign UpOnce you see this screen, click on Sign up to get started.

Enter your Business details in Merchant Center

Google merchant ad start screenEnter the location and operation of your Business. Give a name to your Google Shopping Ads store. Enter your website’s URL. Then specify whether you are having any Adult products in your inventory as specified by Google.

Once you fill up these details, click on the Continue button.

Agree to Google’s terms and conditions

In the second screen, Google will provide you with a term and condition letter that you must read and agree to. Without clicking on I agree, you can’t make your own Store.

terms and conditionVerify your website

Here, Google would want to know whether the website that you have entered belongs to you. So, for that, you have to enter a code in your website’s main coding. In order to do that, Google will provide you with coding which you can easily put in your website’s main coding.

If your website is a WordPress website, then you can do that with the help of some plugins. Other than that, you can take help from your Coder and he will be able to do that within a few minutes.

verify google merchant adsSo, in order to make a Google Merchant Account, the platform will give you a link to download the coding. Download it and then enter the coding in your website. That’s it.

Once you have successfully entered the code in your website, click on Verify URL and you will be able to enter the Dashboard.

google merchant ads dashboardThis is where you have successfully set up Google Merchant Ads account. Now it’s time for us to add products.

How to add products in Google Shopping Ads

In order to add products in your Google Merchant Ads account, click on Products in the right-hand section of your screen and then click on Feeds.

Once you click on Feeds, you will see a screen like this.

Feeds for Google Ads MerchantNow you may ask us what is a Feed before actually making a Feed.

So, a Feed is something that has all the information about the items on your website. In order to run product listing Ads on Google, you need to specify to Google what products you have in your inventory.

So, if you have a website that is loaded with products and you keep updating products every now and then, then you must have a Feed that updates automatically. Otherwise, if you only aim to sell a selected number of products on your website, then you can add one feed and let it be there.

Now, in order to create a new feed, click on the blue plus sign first.

Merchant Ad Audience selectionUpon clicking the plus sign, you’ll have to select the country in which you want to sell those products. Then select the language in which you are going to write the content in your Feed.

Once, you are satisfied with the location and language, click on Continue.

After that you need to define the naming and input methods.

This means that in this step, you would have to give a name to your Feed and define the source of your Feed.

Google merchant ad feed updatingIf you have a lot of products on your website and you keep updating it time to time, then it’s better you choose Google Sheets for that. Otherwise, you have other options like Scheduled fetch, Upload and Content API.

So enter the desired name and select the method. In this case, we are using Google Sheets for running our product listing Ads using shopping campaigns AdWords have.

Google merchant ad registering a google spreadsheetNow you will see a screen where Google would suggest you to download a new Google spreadsheet template wherein you can enter the details yourself.

Here we have selected, “Generate a new Google spreadsheet from a template.” Then click on Continue.

Now, your first Primary Feed has been created. 

Google merchant ads primary feedsHere, click on Open under Google Sheets in the Input method field. Now a Google Spreadsheet will open. This spreadsheet will have a lot of columns with fixed headings.

Now, you can start filling the spreadsheet with the details as per the columns in the spreadsheet.

Feed making for Google Merchant adsSo, you need to fill out the sheet in this way only.

Once it is done, you are all set.

Now, let’s see how to run Google Merchant Ads.

How to Run Google Merchant Ads

So, the very first step to run a Google Shopping Ad is to have a Google AdWords account. In case you don’t have one, here’s the procedure:

How to make a Google AdWords account

  1. Open
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Verify your email address
  4. Enter your billing details, the currency you wish to use etc
  5. Go to the campaign settings to make one 
  6. Or click on the Expert mode to enter the billing information
  7. Skip the guided setup

And after this step, you’ve successfully made Google AdWords account.

Note that Google AdWords is also known as Google Ads. So, don’t be confused if you don’t see the word, “Google AdWords” anywhere.

Now let’s see how to run Google Shopping Ads.

How to run Google Shopping Ads

So, the procedure to run Google Shopping Ads is really simple. If you have followed our other blogs on how to run Google Search Ads or Display Ads, then it also follows the same procedure.

Let’s guide you through it.

  1. Go to your Google Ads account
  2. Click on Campaigns to create a campaign

google shopping ads campaign setupHere, you’ll see different options. But, we want to make product listing Ads on Google. And here, our preferred campaign is not there. So, we’ll do something else.

Shopping Ad Campaign type on Google Ads3. Click on Create a campaign without a goal’s guidance

4. In the campaign type, select Shopping

Here, you must have your Google Merchant Center linked with your Google Ads account.

Once you have linked your Google Merchant account, you’ll see your linked account below Shopping Campaign Goal option.

Shopping campaign goal optionSelect your country and scroll down.

Country selection for Google AdsHere, you need to select a Shopping campaign type. So, the shopping campaign AdWords platform offers is in two ways:

  1. Smart Shopping Campaign where you will get maximum conversions. But here, the bidding will not be in your hands.
  2. Standard Shopping Campaign where you can select bidding and targeting yourself.

We don’t want Google to spend money like that. So, we’ll take control of the budget and the allocation of budget to different locations in our hands. Thus, we’ll stay safe from getting our budget wasted in the name of getting it tested by Google.

Next comes, making a campaign.

On the top, you’ll see General Settings written. After that, all the options will appear that you have selected in the previous menus.

Campaign Name for Google Merchant AdsNow, you’ll have to give a name to your Campaign.

Then come Bidding and Budget. The bidding and budget section has various options which you can use for getting charged.

Usually, Google gives you Manual CPC. This means that you have to define how much do you want to pay for a click on your Ad.

Google merchant ad bidding and budgetOther than Manual CPC, you get other options like:

  • Target ROAS
  • Maximize Clicks
  • Enhanced CPC

bidding strategy for google merchant adBut all those bidding strategies are automated. Therefore, we’re only going to go with Manual CPC.

Then we’ll have to define a budget and an amount that we are willing to pay for this entire campaign. Along with this, we can either go for a Standard delivery or Accelerated delivery.

Now, just in case you have different campaigns running for the same product, then you can prioritize any of your Campaigns in this section. You can set the priority in Low, Medium or High.

campaign priority for google adsNow, you’ll have to define whether you wish to add products to Google shopping via the Network websites or only on the search network. Preferably, you must only choose the Search Network. But, just in case you are going with the Network websites option, then make sure that you are doing the remarketing. As remarketing would be very helpful in delivering you the maximum results.

After that you need to select the locations on which you want to run your Advertisements on. It’s very important that you take the locations very carefully. In case you run your Advertisements to such places where you can’t ship your products, then it’s not a logical decision to run your Advertisements over there.

Once you are satisfied with the settings in your Campaign level, then click on the Save and Continue button.

After this, you will enter the Ad set level. 

Google Ad groupHere you’ll have to select what kind of Ad do you want to run for your Google Merchant Center.

Google offers two types of Ads:

  1. Product Shopping
  2. Showcase Shopping

Now, enter the Ad Group name and provide bidding your wish to run for this Ad set.

Once you click on Save, your Ad will be created and you will redirect to your Campaigns dashboard.

product group for google merchant adsThis is how you can successfully add products to Google shopping. Therefore, you can also create a Google shopping Ad which can be shown to people on Google search or on the Google Partner Network websites.

Now you can also advertise on Google Merchant Ads and start selling products online.

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