How to Create Google My Business Listing [Tutorial Guide]

Google My Business Listing: Local Business Advertising

If you have a shop in a market, that’s good. And if you have a well-running shop in a market, that’s amazing. Now, if you add business to Google, that’s fantastic. Or if you have already done Google My Business listing, then that’s brilliant. So, today, we’ll learn how to add your business to Google Maps. The process to add business to Google is quite simple and it holds a lot of importance.

Why Google My Business is Important

There are various reasons why Google My Business listing should be your priority:

  • Free Web Traffic

Google is the powerhouse that gives 92% searches on the internet. So, whoever is searching to buy something online, they’d most probably be using Google. Therefore, if you have listed your business on Google and somebody searches for your service and Google show your business, you’ll get free traffic.

Suppose you have an online store that sells Kurtis. Imagine someone searching for Kurtis and Google shows your result in the Maps. Let’s see how much traffic is coming from Delhi for the term, Kurti.

Why Google My Business Listing

So, every month, around 10K people are searching for Kurtis online from Delhi. If you get shown up in 1% of the searches, then you’ll be getting at least 100 free visitors every month.

This is why you need to use Add my business to Google:

  • Create Brand Awareness

The businesses that are available on the internet are considered to be ‘safe’ by the people. Therefore, it’s a good idea to register business on Google.

What’s better than no business? Business! Online business has given a lot of opportunities to many store owners. Some of the owners had seen an immense growth of more than 200% by shifting their business from offline to online.

  • Tracking becomes easy

It’s a little difficult to track and manage your records when you’re focusing on offline mode of selling. But when you register business on Google, you can easily track how many people you’re getting from the platform via Google Analytics.

  • Reduce your re-targeting issues

Mostly 99.9999% of people want more customers. But, how many of them are looking to have recurring customers? Hardly anyone. Earlier, people used to visit markets and then select a shop by doing hours of window shopping. But today, if you deliver a quality product, they’ll always remember your brand name and company details if you’re functioning online.

  • It’s free & pays well

There are people who charge for to create Google Business page. But you must know that Google actually wants to support its customers and it’s always free Google Business Listing for which you don’t have to pay anything. Also, this listing is something that pays a good reward in return.

This is why you must add business to Google for quality and brand recognition as well. Now, let’s look at the ways to add my business to Google.

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Process to register business on Google

Businesses are hard to function when they’re targeting the offline segment. But, if you’re targeting the online segment, then adding my business to Google must be your number one priority.

So. let’s see how to register business on Google. Now, it’s very easy to claim your business on Google. It’s generally done on Google Maps and your answers will be seen in Google Maps only.

Process To Register Business on Google

This is how your results will be shown in Google results with a sneak peek of Google Maps.

So, in order to get this done, see the steps below.

  • Go to Google My Business

Click on Start Now on the top right corner.

google my business

Now you’ll be redirected to a Maps page where you’ll have to drop the pin on your location.

  • After that, enter your Business Name and Address in the bar.

Just remember that this is the most important part to register business on Google.

find your business in my business

Now comes a very important part of listing your business to Google. That is, adding your information such as address.

So, as per good SEO techniques, what Google recommends is that you should use the same address everywhere. This means that everything should be the same when it comes to writing your address. For example, if you have written your address like Shop No. 22, B-Block, Connaught Place, New Delhi. Then don’t write address like Shop 22, Block-B, CP, New Delhi. The same address as it is must be written.

  • Verify your business

Before you can actually add business to Google, you will have to verify that your Business is authentic. For that, Google will either send you a postcard with a verification PIN that you will have to enter in the My Business account.

Pro Tip: Just in case you don’t have postcard service or mail delivery availability in your area, then you can request for a video call. A Google employee would give you a video call and ask you to show your business or shop. They will also ask you to show your business’ front face and might ask you to give them an overview of your workspace.

  • Confirm your business and take ownership

It is very important that you make a Google+ page of your business and take ownership of the business.

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Pro Tip: It is very easy to bypass the authority of businesses on Google. So, in case you don’t take the ownership of Google My Business listing, then you could actually lose your business.

So, this is how to add your business to Google Maps. We hope you liked this blog and found it helpful.

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