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Google AdSense is a program which is run by Google that rewards website owners for allowing Ads on their website. The way Google AdSense works is really simple: you dedicate specific slots to Google to show up its Ads on your website. In this blog, we’ll learn how Google AdSense works.

So, this Google AdSense tutorial will take you through the fundamentals of AdSense.

Let’s begin with How Google AdSense works

How Google AdSense works

Understanding How Google AdSense works is pretty simple.

Just like advertising on television, the advertisements are shown after the show has ended. So basically, out of 30 minutes of the show time, the actual run time of show is around 20 minutes. Rest 10 minutes are dedicated for Advertisements.

Googel Ad Sense how to useThis is exactly how to earn from Google with AdSense. But, the procedure is something that you need to understand. Before that, let’s have a look at the difference between AdSense and AdWords.

AdSense vs AdWords

Every beginner once gets confused between Google AdSense and Google AdWords. It’s okay if you’ve also been confused lately. We all have been there!

So, Google AdSense is the platform where the users are earning for activating advertisements on their website. On the other hand, Google AdWords is a platform that helps people advertise their products and services on other websites. This is the basic difference between the two.

Ad sense vs AdwordsGoogle AdSense is one of those easy ways to earn money. If you get good traffic on your website, then earning money won’t be difficult for you.

Now, before we learn how Google AdSense works, let’s see why people say AdSense approval is difficult.

Important things to keep in mind

  1. Don’t use VPN while registering for Google AdSense
  2. Use top level domain for your website (.com, .org, .org etc)
  3. Create About Us, Career and Privacy Policy
  4. Don’t upload plagiarised content
  5. Be active on Google WebMaster and Analytics
  6. Now go for Google AdSense

Now, let’s see how to set up Google AdSense account.

Setting Up Google AdSense Account

Google AdSense setting up is quite easy. 

If you have a Gmail account, you’re all set to launch your Google AdSense account.

Visit AdSense page

Here you’ll have to select the Google account with which you wish to make an account. 

Select the account you wish to proceed with.

  1. Enter your website
  2. Now Enter your email address

Enter the main email address with which you wish to make your Google AdSense account.

Pro Tip: Always have the two-factor authentication activated on your email address. This way you’ll stay safe from people ‘hacking’ into your account.

  1. Select whether you want to receive updates from Google
  2. Google’s prompt to sign in from the account

Sign in with your email address or create an account with Google.

Select your country

Here you’ll have to select your country and accept the terms and conditions by Google.

Enter the code in your website

Now, if you’re a WordPress user, you can simply install this code with some Plugins.

After this, revisit your Google AdSense dashboard and you’ll see something like this (if you’ve correctly followed all the steps)

Once everything is done, Google will contact you and let you know whether your Google AdSense account is approved or not.

Now, after this step, you’ll be given a temporary access to place Ads. But, before that, Google will verify your authenticity by sending you mail with a PIN to your physical address.

During the temporary placement access, you will see Ads popping on your website. Don’t think that this is the final step and Google will give you a permanent access.

Google usually does that to see whether you’re doing anything suspicious by sending illegitimate traffic on your website or clicking on your Ads yourself.

So, leave your Ads as it is and don’t try to disrupt your website’s authenticity by doing anything illegal.

Now, there are some types of Google Ad Units where your Ads will be shown.

Google AdWordsGoogle Ad Units

There are a lot of types of Ad placements that you can apply on your website.

  1. Medium Rectangle (300×250 pixels)

A well optimized Ad Unit is the one that doesn’t disturb the user experience. Google always keeps “user first” when it comes to ranking websites. So, the placement and Ad Unit size must also be optimized well.

This is how this size looks on website. The rectangle box format fits in the mobile format as well.

  1. Leaderboard or Wide Banner (728×90 pixels)

This format fits both text and Image Ads. If the images are placed, then you can’t place much text in this and if you’re placing a text Ad in it, then that would have okayish text amount.

This is how a Banner Ad would look on your website. Unfortunately, Banner Ads aren’t supported by mobile phones yet. 

  1. Mobile Banner – Large (320×100 pixels)

As we know that most of the people are using mobile phones to make searches. This means that if we want to target the users who use mobile phones, then Mobile Banner – Large could be an ideal choice for you.

This is how the Mobile Banner Ad would look like. But, it’s highly recommended to place this on the top to get higher chances of Ad getting clicked.

So, these were some of the most common Google AdSense Ad Units.

When you realize which format suits your website, you’ll better understand how to earn from Google.

So, now we have come to an end of this blog on Google AdSense. We hope you liked this blog. Don’t forget to comment down with your thoughts and feedback below.

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