Best 8 Digital Marketing Certification & Courses 2020

Top 8 Digital Marketing Certifications You Must Have

In order to acquire new customers, you need to be updated with the latest digital marketing trends. And in order to let your potential customers know that you are capable enough to do that, you need to have some sort of Digital Marketing Certification. The Digital Marketing certificates are proof that you are well versed with the latest in the Digital world.

Now, if you also wish to prove your capabilities, check out this blog to see the best Digital Marketing certification that you must apply for. In case you think that if you don’t get these certifications, you’ll still do good, then you’re wrong. There are some parts where you can miss out if you’re not getting these certifications.

Getting different digital marketing certificates is not just about having a paper to prove your capabilities. But, these certifications enhance your knowledge. This is also known as Google Ads Certification. In most of these exams, you’ll have to go through their digital courses to help you learn a lot.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Certificates

These are our top 8 Digital Marketing Certificates that we shortlisted for you.

1. Google AdWords Fundamentals

The Google AdWords Fundamentals is one of the most basic Google’s exams that helps in getting you digital marketing certificate.

It is valid for a duration of one year. You can choose to opt-in for the digital course provided by Google before going for the test. But, in case you think that you don’t want to go through the test, then you can directly give the test and get your own Digital Marketing certification from Google.

The test has a total number of 65 questions for which you will get 90 minutes to finish. Other than that, you have to score a minimum of 80% to get the certificate.

In case of failure, you can give the test again after 1 day.

2. Facebook Ad Certification

Facebook also offers two tests that help an individual learn a lot about its advertising platform. To keep a distinction amongst other players in the market, you can apply for this certification and set yourself apart from them.

The Facebook Blueprint certification itself is recognized as an advanced level Facebook Ads exam.

The Facebook Blueprint Certification course covers a lot of parts of its Facebook Ads.

There are two types of certifications by Facebook.

Facebook Certified Planning Professional

digital marketing certificate

This certification is offered to those who are well versed in planning successful Facebook advertising campaigns. In order to have a profitable business out of the Advertisements that you run, you need to have an exact idea of how your Facebook Ads campaign must be.

On clearing this exam, you will get a digital marketing certificate from Facebook which will be valid for a year.

Facebook Buying Professional Certification

This certification is awarded to those professionals who are well versed in buying and managing campaigns for the sole purpose of getting the maximum profit out of one campaign.

This digital marketing certification test would check a lot of parameters like, campaign creation, optimization, bidding strategies, auctions, understanding Facebook PIxel, answering different troubleshooting problems.

Facebook recommends giving these two tests in the same order as:

  1. Facebook Certified Planning Professional
  2. Facebook Certified Buying Professional

And the cost of each exam is $150.

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3. Cornell University Digital Marketing Program

The Cornell University Digital Marketing Program is one of the most leading Digital Marketing courses in the market. The course is based on Cornell University’s subsidiary, eCornell which is offering this program.

The program teaches various proven digital marketing techniques which you will be implementing in your business. By the time this course ends, you will be creating a custom digital marketing plan for your own business and see the results.

The course fee is a hefty $3600 which will also include the tuition charges.

4. YouTube Certification

YouTube is the worlds biggest online video hosting website. The platform is also the world’s second-largest search engine. Also, for a lot of influencers and people, YouTube is their primary source of income. Even some kids are earning as much as 50 crore Rupees per year from YouTube.

So, if you know how to optimize a video that outperforms all your competitors, then this certification is for you. This program is also eligible for Companies as well. Companies can also apply for a company based certification program wherein the benefits will get added to the company profile.

The certification is free of cost. You can apply for the digital marketing certificate by YouTube once you clear the Google AdWords Fundamentals exam.

5. Duke University Digital Media and Marketing Certificate Program

The Duke University Digital Media and Marketing Certificate Program is an online program that aims to enhance your existing Digital Marketing knowledge. The course is an online program which offers a wide range of tactics and marketing fundamentals that help you in creating and managing your online marketing campaigns.

The Duke University Digital Media and Marketing Certificate Program is a 12-month course that gives you real-time experience with teachers, trainers, and authors in the field of marketing and digital marketing.

You will be studying the basic fundamentals and the implementation part of digital marketing. Their modules cover a lot of important digital marketing areas like Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Content Marketing and a lot more.

The course fee for this digital marketing certificate program is $3195. Now, based on your requirements and your budget, you can get to know the best Digital Marketing certification program. All you have to do is to find out what is it that you need to focus on and you’re all set.

6. Google Analytics Certification

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools that help in measuring how your website is performing. In other words, Google Analytics helps you understand how visitors interact with your website. This can be one of the most important things that you would want to track if you are planning to sell something.

This is where Google Analytics Certification trains you to become better at it. If you’re a beginner at Google Analytics, then it can be helpful for you to learn about it. If you’re already well versed with Google Analytics, then this Digital Marketing Certificate can help you in becoming a pro at it.

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7. Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

Hubspot is one of the most authorized websites for learning and knowing about the latest in the Digital world. As the name suggests, it is a Content Marketing Certification that helps in learning the different aspects of Content Marketing.

As everyone says, “Content is king.” This is where the Hubspot Content Marketing Certification will help you with. You’d have to go through a course of three and a half hours duration. Moreover, you can apply for this certification for free of cost.

8. Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification

The Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification helps in understanding the different marketing practices that you may use. This course also comes from the Hubspot Academy and this is also another free course from Hubspot.

It is a four and a half hour course that contains 11 classes where you will learn how to convert a cold audience, how to generate more leads and attract more people in your business. So, these were all the top Digital Marketing Certificates that you must opt for. In case you are looking to increase your resume quality, then it’s better if you start with the free ones first and then go for the paid certificates.

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