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If you know what is Affiliate Marketing and have already started with advertising online, then you’d know that both of them are different, yet serve almost the same purpose. In this blog, you will learn the best affiliate programs and how affiliate marketing is different from CPA Networks.

In case you don’t know about Affiliate Marketing, then follow along and learn affiliate marketing tips that can help you get you the “results” you want.

Not only that, even if you are going for affiliate marketing through any of the best affiliate programs, if you are unaware of the lead generation strategies, then you are missing out on a lot of things.

Let’s see how affiliate marketing is different from Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

What is Affiliate Marketing & How is it different from CPA

If you have read our previous blog on Affiliate Marketing and best affiliate programs, then you would know how you can earn money online without even having to store that product. A lot of people have made a huge bountiful fortune with this only.

On one side, you list a product on your website, group or any social media page with a special link. This special link counts every click and conversion that happen from this link.

So, whenever someone clicks on your link, they are redirected to the buying page. The buying page is the original seller’s website. But, as the traffic is sent to their website through your channel or medium, so every purchase that happens from your medium will get recorded. Now, it depends on your contract as to how much amount or percentage would you get after someone makes a purchase.

So, affiliate marketing is also one of the best lead generation strategies. If you get quality traffic from a quality source, then you can definitely expect a huge spike in your website’s affiliate network growth.

Therefore, getting traffic from a valid source is one of the best affiliate marketing tips as the chances of getting a purchase.

Now, let’s see why Affiliate Marketing is not so popular as compared to CPA Marketing.

Which is better: Affiliate Marketing or CPA 

One of the facts that you should be aware of before going for Affiliate Marketing is that most of the affiliate networks pay out very late. Generally, the payments are rolled out after 45 days and in some affiliate networks, you get paid after 90 days. And this is a huge time. Suppose you made a sale today on 1st November 2019. So, you might get paid on 1st February 2020.

Therefore, you might have to choose the best affiliate network that actually pays well and more importantly, on time.

Now, on the other hand, CPA Marketing is that form of marketing that stands for Cost per Action marketing.

This means that you’ll be getting paid for sending leads, filling out a form, watching a video, downloading an ebook or anything like that. So, the art of converting people directly with advertising or organic means.

Now, let’s understand which is better? Is it the best affiliate programs that are offering high pay or the CPA companies that pay you for your lead generation strategies?

Here, we’ll take two different perspectives.

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Company Perspective

Let’s assume that you are a company and you want to promote some of your products. Here, let’s take an example that you’re a company that makes protein supplements.

Now, you wish to have more sales in your supplements. So, here you can do two things. First is that you can either go for CPA marketing or you may choose to go with Affiliate marketing.

Here, let’s take an example that your product is worth INR 10,000. And for every purchase that happens with the affiliate network, you’ll be paying INR 2,000 to the one who’s selling your supplement.

On the other hand, you start using CPA marketing for lead generation strategies. Here, we assume that the CPA person started investing money in Google Ads. Here, the average bid comes out to be INR 50 per click. So, suppose 4 people clicked on your Ad and out of all these people, and one person makes a purchase.

Therefore, you paid INR 200 to get a sale.

Now, if we compare both of them side by side, we’ll get to know the difference in returns over our spend.

In affiliate marketing, we were paying INR 2000 straight for one purchase. But, in CPA marketing, we paid INR 200 for a purchase. This means that we saved INR 1800 per purchase in CPA.

But, the only difference here is the fact that in CPA, you have to put in efforts at designing an Ad campaign but in Affiliate marketing, you’re just paying to those who can send traffic to your website.

Agency Perspective

For an agency, anything is a good deal. But, there are some reasons why an agency might choose the best Affiliate programs.

Some of the best affiliate marketing examples include selling t-shirts, digital courses, or eCommerce products.

So, agencies collaborate with other websites to generate leads for products that they wish to sell.

Now, there are other agencies that help in generating leads through CPA marketing.

Why Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing

affiliate marketing and CPA marketing

So, this is a question that you must ask yourself if you are thinking of going for any of the marketing channels.

Affiliate can be helpful in giving you sales. But, before giving a contract to anyone, check if they are charging you per conversion or just the traffic.

If they charge you for the traffic, then you must be aware in such a situation. Because they’re a lot of scammers in the industry who give you fake traffic and you pay more as compared to the CPA marketing strategy.

Now, in my own view, both of these – affiliate marketing and CPA marketing – can prove to be of great value. But, here you have to understand what your product is, whether you can sell it for a less cost with any of the other methods and so on.

For different products, different marketing networks would work differently. So, here you have to understand how you wish to get conversions for your product.

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