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Lets Check Out Why Students Are Giving Us High Ratings


Students Are Trained Under Guidance of Experts, Strategists And Consultants with an Experience Of 6-8 Years.

Extensive Curriculum

Our Curriculum has Been Meticulously Designed and students are trained on Various Strategies and Techniques with An Advanced Approach to make you an expert- The KNOWLEDGE SHARED IS UNPARALLELED

Proven Track Record

We Focus On Delivering Results, most of the Business Owners and Entrepreneurs we have Taught have Seen Growth in their Profits, Got Better ROI and create Right Campaigns

Extreme Marketing Techniques

We provide Real Market Knowledge with fresh case studies and updated tools & techniques eventually making you a rockstar at Devising Strategies

Project Based Training

From the beginning students work on their projects and track their growth.

Promotions in Companies

We strive hard to fulfill the purpose for which you join the Course

  • Be it Increasing Profits
  • Growth Hacking For Your Startup
  • Learning New Techniques for Providing Services in Digital Marketing
  • Growth in Your Jobs ( We Train You in a way so that you can handle your company’s online marketing effectively) Or any other motive


Various renowned Experts from industry have come together and contributing to development of an advanced training programme which will ensure that you get the right skills

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Ravi Chopra
Ravi Chopra

Vikas Yadav
Vikas Yadav

Snehil Khanor
Snehil Khanor

Digi Experts Certified Professional (DECP)

Certification To boost your business and career

Think of this Certification as a training programme to provide you with advanced skills and make you fluent in Digital Marketing

Designed by Experts Panel

This Course is designed by various recognized experts (Strategists, Consultants, Entrepreneurs) who provide their expertise and consultation to various big organisations “Get Access To Unparalleled Knowledge”

8 Certifications ( Google and Bing) + The Digi Experts Certification

You Will Learn how to:

  1. Integrate various digital marketing techniques for successful campaigns
  2. Devising Short term and Long Term Strategies and executing them effectively
  3. Increase Business and Profits, bringing targeted customers to website
  4. Online Brand Creation

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Seats Left For Next Batch (on 10th September 2017) : 7

  • Project Based Training
  • Access to softwares that will improve your execution
  • Mentorship for Your Business
  • Placement Assistance
  • Industry Recognized Certifications
  • Step by Step Path to launch online business from scratch and making it profitable
  • Expert Knowledge and guidance from Industry Experts
  • Latest Case Studies and Updated Techniques

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4th Jan 12 – 3 pm

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Rama Kadamb
Rama Kadamb

As you said in the demo session that the training over here is extensive, I am very happy that it was actually extensive. You have helped me with my blogs and generating the affiliate income. I would always be thankful for all the right advices and techniques shared. 


I would definitely say that this is the Best Institute for Digital Marketing
A value for money. I am extremely confident about my skills in Digital marketing now. The Advanced course is highly recommended

Nishchint Khurana
Nishchint Khurana
If I have to say the two best things about this digiexperts then it would be the in-depth curriculum and ofcourse the Experts over here. The quality of practical teaching this institute has provided is just great.
Nihit Nagpal
Nihit Nagpal

How can I not give this institute a 5star rating. It’s because of your training that I have got such a good placement.

Nihit Dua
Nihit Dua

After one and half months into this course , I have immense knowledge to handle my ad campaigns in a professional way, Didn’t even know about such techniques, Already made profit of around $3000 few days back. 

Mahak Manocha
Mahak Manocha

Thanks for giving training me step by step. I have even started handling company’s online presence because of the knowledge I have. Overall experience was really good. 


There is a lot to say but the space is not enough here. As you already know sir that I was doing Digital marketing before joining this institute but I wanted to take my expertise to the next level and was looking for an institute that can actually help me with it. I am glad that I took the decision to learn from you guys. I have increased my clientele and I am able to handle various projects in a much better way.
You guys Rock !!! Would surely recommend it to my colleagues.


This is one of the best training I have ever received in my life. It has helped me in a lot of ways. I was already doing business online but much of my money was being wasted but during my training I have already increased MY PROFITS BEACAUSE OF THE STRATEGIES taught by the trainers over here. I really want to thanks Ravi sir for telling me the right techniques for handling marketing campaigns I appreciate the kind of skills they have imparted and the pain they take to deliver such a quality knowledge

Amber JAmuar
Amber JAmuar

I wasn’t sure about which institute to go for but after attending a few sessions I was pretty much convinced about the kind of experts this institute has and as expected after completing the course I have got a good placement and  I am able to confidently strategize the online marketing for my company

Deepak Dhingra
Deepak Dhingra

You guys seriously put in a lot of effort to make sure everyone is able to perform the techniques practically, the best part of this Institute was the Google Adwords and analytics classes and Social media marketing from Ravi Sir. The kind of expertise he has, it was amazing to learn those techniques
Thanks to the digiexperts faculty for training me for my startup


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Learn How Our Course Can Be Beneficial For You

Kick start Your Business Marketing
Promote Your Startup Quickly
Amazing Results With Limited Budget
Reach Customers Across Geographies

Gain expertise in operating business online.
High career growth with advanced skills.
Increase sales online & achieve your targets.
Help your company grow with your IM skills.
Every 3rd person is an MBA. Learn what really matters.
Work as a part time freelancer & make money online.
Furnish your qualification with edge on others.

Find more customers online for your product / service.
Gain expertise in operating your business online.
Take your business to another level by reaching a large audience.
Increase your revenue by marketing on internet.
Create your brand awareness using social media.
Reduce your advertising cost by 60%.
Generate business leads through inbound marketing.

Improve your CV & Apply for more right job interviews.
Learn what others will learn later.
High career growth with advanced skills.
Work part time as a freelancer along with your studies
Have increased self esteem and respect from fellows.
Give companies extra reasons to hire you.
Earn commissions as an affiliate marketer.

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